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Trade account holders may order directly with Malabar, members of the public should refer to the stockists section.
Placing an order with us is safe, straightforward and simple. Here's how it works:

Delivery charges & choices
Useful information
Orders & correspondence
Discontinued fabrics
Care and cleaning
Colour matching
Flame retarding treatments
Fabric roll lengths
Bank Details

Sampling ...
Small samples of fabrics, rugs, runners, wallpapers and paint chips are free of charge, and sent promptly. Trade customers may request returnable samples of fabrics on loan for one month. If not returned to Malabar within 28 days from date of receipt of goods these will be invoiced. Proof of return to Malabar should be retained in case of dispute. Our direct samples telephone number is 020 7501 4209 and our direct samples fax number is 020 7501 4240.

It is the Company’s policy to organise prompt deliveries, but delivery dates quoted, whilst done so in good faith, are only approximate and are not guaranteed. The Company shall not be liable for the consequence of any delay whatsoever and however occasioned. If an order or contract provides for delivery by instalments, any delay in delivery or non-delivery of any instalments shall not entitle the customer to terminate the contract. Goods sent by post at the customer’s request shall be at the customer’s risk from the time the goods leave the Company’s premises. Claims for non-delivery of goods must be made by fax or post within seven days of the date of invoice. Short deliveries or damaged goods must be signed for as such and the Company notified immediately, otherwise the Company cannot accept any liability for lost or damaged goods. All risks, including damage, deterioration, loss or theft, shall be the liability of the customer as soon as delivery has been made to the customer

Delivery charges & choices...
Delivery charges are levied on all orders other than pattern books and paint sample pots, where delivery is free of charge. All items will be despatched on the ‘B’ Service for Mainland UK or by Surface for Northern Ireland unless otherwise requested by the customer at the time of ordering.
‘A’ Service Mainland UK. Next day delivery by 12.00 noon, Monday to Friday.
‘B’ Service Mainland UK. 24-72 hour delivery by 17.30, Monday to Friday.
Diamond Service Mainland UK. Next day delivery by 10.00 a.m, Monday to Friday.
Saturday Mainland UK. Next day delivery by 12.00 noon, Saturday
Isle of Man and Scottish Islands. 48-72 hour delivery by 17.00, Monday to Friday.
Channel Islands. 48-72 hour delivery by 17.30, Monday to Friday
Northern Ireland Surface. 48-72 hour delivery by 17.30, Monday to Friday
Northern Ireland Air. Next day delivery by 17.30, Monday to Friday
For all delivery charges please refer to your Malabar Price List.

Useful information...
Most of the fabrics supplied by Malabar are dyed and made by hand, and special care should be taken to ensure correct usage and cleaning. Please remember that a major part of the charm and beauty of handloom lies in the irregularity of the weave and of the pattern repeats, which should not be treated as a defect, but as part of the character of a natural handmade product. A fabric with pattern repeats can sometimes be slightly out of line, which can usually be rectified by gently easing the fabric before cutting.
Please remember that fabrics should always be cut at right angles to the selvedge and not on the grain.

Orders & correspondence...
Please always quote customer account numbers, purchase order numbers, Malabar product codes and stock descriptions when ordering. Our sales order number and invoice number, if applicable, should also be quoted in all communications with Malabar.
In order to facilitate service levels, it would be appreciated if orders and other correspondence could be sent by email or fax wherever possible. When telephoning orders, to avoid errors please allow sufficient time for us to read the details back to you. Backorder updates will be faxed to you where applicable.
Our direct sales telephone number is 020 7501 4211 and our direct sales fax number is 020 7501 4210. Our customer service and sales department is open from 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Friday.

Discontinued fabrics...
Collections or individual stock items that do not appear in the price list have been discontinued and are listed on the discontinued page.
Please check availability before ordering as there may be limited stock available.

Care and cleaning...
We recommend dry-cleaning by specialist dry-cleaners for the majority of Malabar fabrics as some fabrics may be sensitive to certain cleaning treatments and will require a restricted cleaning procedure. The use of proprietary products for spot cleaning and the cleaning of fitted upholstery should be administered on site by a professional cleaning specialist.
Regular cleaning, the use of arm caps, turning of cushions, protecting furniture from exposure to strong sunlight and the application of protective treatments will assist greatly in the care of fabrics.
Curtains should be lined and interlined where possible and should be drawn back from windows during daylight hours.

All measurements for pattern repeats; widths and dimensions are approximate. Pattern repeats on handloom fabrics may vary and checks may be difficult to match.

Colour matching...
Where a colour match is important, we recommend that a stock cutting be requested. Sufficient quantities should be ordered initially to avoid disappointment, as colour matches cannot be guaranteed

We operate a reserve system for 5 working days. After this time the reserve will automatically be cancelled unless we have heard otherwise.

In accordance with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 all Malabar fabrics have been tested for flammability. Details of all test results are available upon request through our sales order department.

Flame retarding treatments...
Before flame retarding fabrics, we strongly recommend that a stock cutting be sent to the flame retarder for testing. Please note that flame retarding can affect the finish, handle and occasionally the colour of fabrics. The end use, i.e. for curtains or upholstery, should always be stated by the customer at the time of ordering where a treatment is required.

Fabric roll lengths...
Rolls measure approximately 32.00 metres other than for Basi, Hansi, Jumla, Liliraja, Mula, Mul Mul, Tarlatan, Tompok, Tondi and Tuk Tuk where rolls measure approximately 26.00 metres.
Please advise cuts required for orders above these lengths at the time of ordering.

Bank Details...
Cash-paid directly into National Westminster Plc
Bank: National Westminster Bank Plc
Sort code: 50-21-01
Account number: 67732399
Account name: The Malabar Cotton Company Ltd
Cheques made payable to:
The Malabar Cotton Company Ltd

If you hold a full trade account with Malabar you are able to place orders directly through the website, by phone, fax or by post.
Retail customers are advised to see the stockists section to find your local Malabar stockist who will be happy to take your order.
Orders placed on the website will be immediately forwarded to the Malabar Sales Department and processed in the usual way. You will only be contacted if there is a query or a delay on your order.
For any queries on your order either email us or call the sales department direct on 020 7501 4211 (Monday - Friday, 9am-5.30pm)

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